Welcome to the 12th edition of the Climate Control Awards.

The defining feature of the 12th edition of the Awards exercise is a massive reboot of the methodology of evaluating entries, to be able to better understand the range and depth of industry stakeholder best practices in relation to socio-economic and sustainable development.

We have simplified the submission process, and moved to make the evaluation methodology more streamlined and geared to getting the answers the judges are seeking.

Another feature of the 12th edition is the addition of categories pertaining to consultancy and contracting firms and also a more defined category relating to ESCOs.

In all, the entire Awards exercise is reflective of the times. That said, it remains the same in spirit – of being eager to recognise and honour those who are willing to profoundly improve the condition of people and planet and, at the same time, secure the health and wellbeing of the organisations they work for.

With Best Wishes,

Surendar Balakrishnan
Co-Founder & Editorial Director, CPI Industry
E : surendar@cpi-industry.com
M : +97 1 50 509 2457